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RestoReview: Ita Suki & Han Gang

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Yay.. now is the resto review, as I promised to write it several days ago.

Ita Suki

This Ita Suki restaurant is located on jl. Panglima Polim Raya, not far from Batik Danar Hadi and Blok M Plaza. My cousin asked me to come there, because my families from Lampung were in Jakarta, so we just wanted to treat them appropriately, haiyah.

From its name, I’m pretty sure your guess was right: yes, it’s a Japanese restaurant. The restaurant is a typical of Hanamasa if we want to see from the cooking2 thingy. I mean, there’s a stove on every desk, so we could fry or boil our raw food there. But, the restaurant didn’t endow with an all-you-can-eat method. So, you ought to choose the menu first, and then you cook it on the stove. The menu was various, so you have more freedom to choose what kind of food you want to consume.

Because I was late, so I didn’t really know what kind of menu that had been ordered by my cousin. When I arrived, there’s a plate of vegetables, another plate of mixed meatballs , and some plates of side dishes like fried cassava (iyee. Singkong goreng. My cousin always buys singkong goreng no matter the resto). the fried cassava was yummy, hehehehe. Okay, and then there’re two kinds of gravy for shabu2: tomyum and original chicken flavor. And I loved both.

The taste was nice and proper. I mean, there’s nothing too special, but not mediocre too.. The atmosphere of the place was cozy, but somehow it’s really t.y.p.i.c.a.l. and then, the price was unknown for me.. hey, I didn’t even look at the menu.. But, I thought it’s about 50K/person or less. PERHAPS.

Because I don’t really know the most menus there, so I still cannot give a fair judgment to the resto. AFAIK, it’s a nice resto and quite worth to try. :)

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Han Gang

This restaurant is located on Wolter Monginsidi Street, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta. There’re another branches at Pacific Place and Grand Indonesia.

This restaurant is a Korean Restaurant, and just served Korean food of course. The menu was varied from Bulgogi, Bibimbap, even I could find GalbiTang there. Galbitang is like a soup of beef rib. When I went to Korea, the tour guide said that I wouldn’t find Galbitang in Indonesia. Hey, I found it on Han Gang *grin*. There’s Samgyetang too (famous ginseng chicken soup).

I don’t really know what kind of menus that we ordered. There’re several main course: bibimbap, a bibimbap w/tuna, then bulgogi, ribs menu (forgot its name), ox tongue, and then capcay. Yeah, actually it’s not capcay at all… but it’s what’s written on the menu. When we saw the actual one, umm, it’s not different than a soun goreng. Hahahahaha.. As usual, Korean restaurant serves appetizer dishes. Han Gang gave premium snack such as fish cake, snails & mussels, kimchi, and several else. We got watermelon as a free dessert.

The taste of those foods was great. I mean, it’s similar with the one that I had tasted in South Korea. But I didn’t really surprised, because the restaurant’s visitor when I came there were ALL KOREAN (except four of us and another two Indonesian visitpr). Not only the taste which was similar, but also the price!! Aaargh, for student like me, the price was really expensive. I preferred to go to Segarra if I could. Huehehe. Fortunately, there’s my mom’s bestfriend who treated us. Thanx sooo much.

Price about 75K-100s K per portion. The price of beverage wasn’t really expensive on the other side.

Conclusion: if u wanna taste the real Korean food, this is a purrrfect place. Hehe.. but yes, it’s an expensive one.

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  1. Blogger Ikhsan Putra Kurniawan 

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  2. Blogger rabindra 

    hahaha.. thanx..
    u can pray so my salary will be above 30 mills per month, and i will treat u there.. haha..

    yes, i have. I hope u can go there. :). it's a modern country without neglect its culture and tradition.

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