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Finally, I’ve done read it, lascar pelangi novel, and just newly finished the second eps: sang pemimpi, authored by andrea hirata.

Great novel. But, I agree with u Momo, I’ve been thinking that some parts in the novel were just too good to be true. hehe.. Andrea used many brilliant metaphor in his novel, some of them are unexpected, and left me smiling and saying silently: “it’s so damn true!!”

I just love the novel that put honesty, or at least made the reader said, “gosh, It’s soooo me!!” (ini gue banget!!), but sometimes we just doin’ it soo casually, we just used to do it, so sometimes we don’t know that may be other people has different opinion about our habit. Or if one of the novel’s character did some bad things that we also ever did, we just smiled bitterly and said, “what a mess I was!!”.

Beside some over-detailed description (in my stupid opinion), I really love the book. If u want some review, just search it on google and you’ll get many, since the novel has been published since 2005.

Surprisingly, the author frequently pointed out to some aspects that I often think. Like about talent. I often think that the LUCKIEST persons in this world are the ones who RECOGNIZE his /her talent, LOVE to do his/her talent, and have OPPORTUNITIES to develop it. May be there’s a person who has more talent than Roger Federer in tennis, but his job is as cendol seller, so he never tried how to play tennis. Or may be one of asmat race in ruler area in Papua will be more successful than Schumi if he ever try how to drive a car. Soo, be grateful if you know the talent and has opportunity to develop it. Don't ever waste the blessings..

The main character, Ikal, has some ups and downs. And I just love how he could lift his downs into ups. He showed us things that we can learn explicitly, but not in ‘gaya menggurui’.

Keep your dream as high as sky, and don’t be pessimistic. Even some people might say that pessimistic has some linear relation with realistic, but he called pessimistic is one form of ‘mendahului nasib’. And it’s awfully wrong. So, I must do THE BEST thing that I can do in every single current state that happen to me..

A must read one, really...

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  1. Anonymous zahra 

    yup! bagus, bagus! hehe

  2. Anonymous CresceNet 

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