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Food Review: Zoe

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continued from Food Review: Mang Engking

After we’d ate at mang engking, me and JiLid went to Zoe (Margonda Street, Depok).. it was after the rain, so some of its seats was still wet (even then it's raining again and I just got the tempias.. hiks hiks). One of the waiter is sooo friendly and sweet, heheh.. bcoz we just had ate before, so we didn’t order any weighty food, and I even didn’t wanna ordered hot chocolate or sth like that coz it’s surfeiting. I just ordered hot lemon tea. But, alida ‘smartly’ said to the waitress that I just had a diet so I must maintain what I eat and drink.. Unfortunately, the waitress just ‘menelan bulat-bulat’, believe it, and said, “oooh, berat juga ya sepertinya?”.. gabruks… tserah lah.. we ordered smoked beef/chicken fajitas as the snack.

The place was quite nice; the lights were good, quite cozy. One thing that I didn’t really like was the music, they played ‘dewa’ over and over again. Bosen… And if it’s raining, you must be cleverly choose the seat, if u don’t, u’ll get the touches of rain.. hehe..
The smoked beef/chicken fajitas was bad. So so salty.. really really don’t recommend it. The drinks were so so. The place was nice. The price was affordably pricey. Oya, there’s a musholla on it.

Two days later, I came to the place again, now with Rora.. the friendly waitress still there, and she remembered me!! Unfortunately she asked, “udah ga diet lagi ya? Ini makan berat..”.. deeng, awas lo Lid..

We ordered ayam bakar betutu, and mango squash apple squash.. the beverages were good. And the food, I must admit that it’s delicious!!!! They’re right for makin it as ‘chef recommend’.. really really love it. May be because the hunger effect, but still, I thought it wouldn’t change my opinion even when I’m full. A must try!!

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