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Bermalam di depan ICU

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my uncle was on emergency situation, he had gastric bleeding that made him unconscious for days. Actually, he and his wife were doctors, senior doctors, so there’re always some of their juniors or students who ready by themselves to accompany my aunt at night, waiting near the ICU. But still, there’s always be a better feeling if the one who accompany her is her family member, or may be her assistance, driver, or others that already has close relationship.

Then, at sunday nite, me, my mom, n my bro accompany her in front of ICU. We sleep on the hallway. Yes, it’s just a hallway. We just placed carpets above the floor, set up the pillows, and voila, it’s ready as a place for our sleep. Because uncle was still on ICU, so he got no personal room. Okay, so it’s first time for me to sleep on hospital hallway, with abundant of things that my aunt brought (she’s expert on bringing things, hehe). We were incredibly looked like refugees.

Slept near the ICU was really touched my heart. Somehow it made me feel that many people also felt the same, because their relation was in emergency state too. It taught me about tolerance, patient, and sympathy.

Uggh, honestly I want to write so much more. But writing in English just kill my creativity to arrange words. Darn…

Now, my uncle has been get better. Alhamdulillah. Now, he is conscious and soon will be placed in usual room. hope he can get better and better, so he can do his usual activity really soon..


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