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My Ramadhan 1428

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Hmm, I wanna write a (or may be even some) story (ies) about my ramadhan n holiday.. Actually, I want to write it using english, yeah, of course for improving my english that I lack of. But, I think the story that I wanna write is not-a-short story, so may be for this time I will use Bahasa. If I use english, of course it will be time consuming for me, and for you of course (for trying to understand the abnormal english I used, hoho)..

Wait, but i still wanna using english.. Hmm,,, How about I just mix the Bahasa with english? hoho... yeah, although the reader will face more difficulty in figuring out what I want to deliver, hehe.... tserah ah, palingan juga yang baca juga ga banyak

Okay, dimulai dari bulan Ramadhan.. Hmm, I think I nail some of my target. Although I still don't satisfy enough with it. Overall? Hmm, I think it was slightly better than previous Ramadhan. I did tarawih on masjid more often than last year. And I didn't put so much revenge on fast-breaking like used to, hoho.. Hmm, may be because on this year ramadhan, I just newly recovered from tipoid fever, so my eagerness to eat is not as lofty as usual.

This year, I did itikaf twice. Hmm, I forget how many I had last year, but I thought I had more :(. The first itikaf was on masjid al-istiqamah, located on Telkom Divre II Building on Gatot Subroto. The itikaf was initiated by Arofah Travel n Tours, the travel that my mom joined when she did umroh ramadhan 2 years ago. The sholat n ceramah was led by Ustadz Arifin Jayadiningrat. The agenda was ceramah from 10 to about 11 or 11.30. Then break until 00.30, so the jamaah can rest for a while. We began the sholat tasbih from 1.00 to 2.00, continued by tahajud-witir, and dzikir until 3.30. then sahur n sholat subuh.

I don't know, but I think I really agree for using sholat tasbih instead of the lengthy version of tahajud (with reading such a long surat). With sholat tasbih, I think all of the ma’mum understand the meaning of 'subhanallah, alhamdulillah, laa ilaaha illallah, allahu akbar'. But I don't think most of the ma'mum (inc. me) will understand the long surat. Hmm, I don't say it's false, but I just prefer a sholat tasbih one, hehe...

Ustadz Arifin himself is soo intelligent, not only in islamic field, but he's really smart in person. He graduated from Al-Azhar Cairo Egypt, n he's also a education consultant in Highscope Cilandak, one of a prestigious elementary school in Jakarta (correct me if i'm wrong). He often makes analogs in describe things about Islam, so we can easily relate it to our daily routines. And he made us thinking w/ our logic, so not only our heart and faith say yes, but also our brain said it whole-brainedly (istilah asal :p).. May be I will post some of his analogs later.

The masjid al-istiqomah was definitely comfy place, with the air conditioner that relaxing, thick carpet, etc. The jamaah itself was not too crowded, so we could pray with more khusyu.

The second itikaf was on Masjid Agung Al-Azhar. We come there at about 00 o'clock. Tahajud at 2 o'clock, sahur, subuh, n continued by kuliah subuh. There's really a lot of people there, alhamdulillah. But I think there was a lil bit too crowded, hehe.. jahat banget ya gw?

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  1. Anonymous toan hoc 

    Very interesting to read. Thank you.

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