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No, it's NOT about the Adele's new song. Well, if you don't know, the phenomenal British chanteuse just released a new song few days ago and already broke records here and there. I should say that you should be prepared to listen her songs anytime anywhere, perhaps until to the level that you're very sick of it. That's what happened to me few years ago while her previous album on its peak. Don't get me wrong, I like her songs.

Anyway, go to the main topic.

It's been more than three years since the last time I updated this blog. Yes, THREE YEARS! Well, almost everyone already left their blog and threw it into Bantargebang. In Planet CSUI04, perhaps only Yud1 and Michael who still regularly update their blog. Salute to them.

Most of my writings nowadays are available in my facebook (as travelog) or instagram (as lengthy comments), but I think some of the writings should be written in the blog, so the writings will be more structured in term of content and documentation and can reach broader audience (audience? well, as for my blog's case, it's questionable though).

That's the plan. Yes, this post only acts as a statement of the plan. The implementation and execution of the plan would be in the next posts. Okay, some of you may think that I don't need to write this plan on a dedicated post. However, usually my plan would be automatically stored neatly in the shelves. At least with this post, let's say that this is my commitment statement.

To follow the SMART guideline, I am targeting 3 more posts before the new year. So, if you notice that I don't write any post until the end of November, please remind me! (I hope someone will read this post anyway, lol).

So, see you!

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