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L'endroit j'├ętablis mon esprit -The Place I Lay Down My Mind-

One of The Best Movies I've Ever Watched, To Date.


This movie is more than just good, and even makes me revive this blog from the long hiatus..

I know this movie from twitter. As blitzmegaplex's follower, I'm very much aware that this movie gets so much praise from its viewers, and blitz's account has been retweeting those comments forever.

Yeah, I should admit that I'm quite a TKG person (aka Takut Kalah Gaul, hahaha). And after reading those rave comments, it made me eager to watch that movie.

Some of those comments are:
"Never thought Indian movie is this great!" - Mutia
3idiots simply brought smiles & happy tears altogether :) aal is well!
Idiot is cleverer than it looks
Great story, great casts, total entertainment!
the cynical and introvert me is pretty much fulfilled.
And those comments really describe my favorite type of movie.. *Umm, not exactly.. haha..
Gw udah lupa komen yang mana, dan ga gw catet juga, dan itu udah lama banget.. Jadi ya maaf2 aja.. Dan sekarang tiba2 gw jadi males lagi untuk ngelanjutin postingan ini :P*
But, getting the ticket was not that easy. At first, I wanted to watch it on Thu, but there's no empty seat anymore. Sigh. I was quite unsure whether i should watch on fri or not, since the movie was only being played on PP, which infamous with its high price. But, i just couldnt resist the desire..
The price of hindi movie even more expensive than the regular ones. U should pay 50k on weekedays and 75k on weekend.

Finally, me and my friend agreed to watch on Fri with 75k ticket. We bought it on 14.30 am for 18.40 playing, and we only could get the second row seat. Huee.. I hoped the movie would be really worth it since i had to pay the pricey ticket and quite uncomforable seat's position.
I had a high expectation for that movie. Fortunately, it didnt disappoint. It even exceeded my expectation!! I laughed a lot and cried many many times. I dont know, the movie was just perfect for me at some points. It touched right to the some crucial aspects that i faced at the moment. I think that's why the movie is so into me, and i'm so into it.

I even provoked my mom and brother to watch the movie. My bro even took a special trip from bogor to jkt only to watch the movie. Moreover, both of them managed to get only two seats left, which were on the right-most and front-most. It was guaranteed they would have pain in their neck after watching the 3 hours long movie.
Fortunately, the sacrifice was paid off. They really love the movie. And I'm happy knowing that. :)
For you who havent watch the movie, just watch it. Any over-the-top review doesn't lie.
Aall iz well! :)

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