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Festival Keju Kraft Moo (Kraft Moo's Cheese Festival)

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If in the week before there's a Festival Jajanan Tradisional Bango, last week Kraft also made a quite similar event by making a Festival Keju Kraft Moo. Keju Kraft Moo is one of Kraft's cheese product which targeted children as its segment. So, it's not surprising if we see a funny cow as its mascot.

Honestly, I didn't really eager to come to this occasion. At first, I knew this occasion from csui04 mailing list, Mala posted a pps file containing the list of merchants who joined that event. But then, I had a chitchat with jibay (not jijay bajay of course :p ) and she invited (or asked?) me to came to the event. The company which she had an internship in was, umm, I don't really know what its relation with Kraft. But she had been given free discount vouchers from the company, and told me that I could have some of that.. Hhuhehehe.. But still, I wasn't that interest to come.

But what a coincidence! That day's afternoon, my mom ought to come to a wedding reception at a masjid in front of Athlete Century Park Hotel (I forget what the masjid's name). And it's soo close with the location of FKKM. And yes, my mom was willing to go there. FKKM, here I come..

I phoned Mala, asking if she came there too. She had come earlier at 10 in the morning. Yes, yes, I could ask for some suggestions which ones she recommended to buy. Hoho. Because before came to FKKM, I had some foods at the wedding party, it quite impossible for me to eat again at the event. So, we just took away some foods to eat them at home. Ohya, I met Nilam03 and some of 2003's girls there.

These are what we bought there:

a. Kebab Turki Baba Rafi
Actually, this food was not that unique. We could see its outlets everywhere. But I hadn't taste it even a bit. So, I had initiative to buy it, hehe. There's only one menu: original Kebab priced 10K. And I loved it. I mean, the wrapper was crunchy but soft at the same time. the filling was great too, the mixture of cheese, sauce, meat, etc were in perfect composition and combination. Recommended!!

b. Sandwich Bakar (I forget the exact name)

We ordered a tuna sandwich. It tastes okay. Yeah, like every other tuna sandwich. Price: 15K

c. Singkong Keju Meletus

Originated in Jogja, and inspired by the explosion of Merapi mount. The singkong keju meletus is a kind of kripik singkong (cassava crispy chip), uses cheese as its ingredients. The taste and the crisp was in the right adjusment in my opinion. Price: 15K/sack.

d. Martabak Bolu Golden Bells

This food is recommended by Mala, so I could blame her if the taste was not good. I ordered a chococheese martabak. The price was 27.5K. The shape of martabak was quite similar with martabak bangka: well-rounded and then flipped into half-round. Lookin at the shape, I doubted the taste. The first try quite disappointed me. But then, it's not bad at all. The taste was great! It's not too sweet, which I preferred so much. Recommended!!

e. Sepang

Foods wouldn't be complete without beverage. On the promotion whiteboard, it written 'minuman berenergi, asli dari kalimantan'. The red colored cold drink succeed to attract me, even more at the hot day like that. So, I bought one with price 5K. When I tasted it, errr, it's reaaaally similar with the taste of Bir Pletok! No, it's the same drinks! No differences at all…. Huhu.. I became more disappointed because I didn't really like bir pletok.. Huhuhu. [I have written a post about bir pletok in this blog.]

Overall, the tastes of those foods were great!! Hohoho.. makin gembul deh gw.

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7 Responses to “Festival Keju Kraft Moo (Kraft Moo's Cheese Festival)”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    hm....sebagian menu yang lo pilih sama kaya gw kecuali singkong meletus (yang gw liat mirip ma singkong keju, jadi gw ga beli) sama sandwich bakar (gw ga liat nih...)

    bener kan...martabak bolunya enak...tapi kayaknya bermasalah di perut gw dah, soalnya setiap gw makan, malemnya pas mo tidur perut gw mulesss banget...

  2. Anonymous zahra 

    waah, ga ngira bakal seseru itu. tapi kalo ga salah si nisa nawarin ke situ pas lagi tes hari sabtu. tapi udah ga kepikiran soale besoknya juga jalan-jalan ke curug cibeureum, heheh. eh bolunya udah ada yang imitasian blum ya di jakarta? :D

  3. Blogger rabindra 

    emangnya beli sepang juga?
    iya lah, yang lain khan hasil rekomendasi dari lo.. huhu

    actually, it's not that 'seru'.. hehehe.. jalan2 ke curug cibeureum sama sapa? pengen ke pegunungan nii..

    hmm, kayaknya belom ada deh.. kunjungi website nya aja :)

  4. Blogger Ikhsan Putra Kurniawan 

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Anonymous zahra 

    udah si, masih nanya soale ga percaya blum ada di sini. hehe. sampe sini biasanya udah ga enak lagi :D tapi lebih enak mana ya sama martabak yang banyak minyaknya itu? lagi ngidam ni..

    cibeureum? sama bph bem, klik

  6. Blogger rabindra 

    hehehehe.. thanx.. :)

    hoo, biasanya martabak minyak itu manis banget sih.. saya kurang suka yg manis2 banget.. lagipula kbanyakan minyak kan ga bagus untuk badan.. hehehehe..

  7. Anonymous Anonymous 

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