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Kota Tua Jakarta


Now I want to write the story about my tour to Kota Tua Jakarta (Jakarta old town?) on August 18th. Actually, that was 2b gathering, the first one since last December gathering. We made an appointment to meet each other at Plaza FX (previously known as Sudirman Palace). Because no one of us had ever been there, so we wondered whether the place had a food court or not. But yes, the place had a foodcourt on its basement. We then sat at the foodcourt, lookin how expensive the restaurants at the plaza. Hiks. The types of restaurants existed there were such a resemblance of the ones in Plaza EX. Even the foods’ prices at the foodcourt were pricey. For examples, they charged more than 20K for a portion of gado-gado.. huhu.

Ugh, I’m so lazy to make a full resume. So, I just make some highlights from that event.
  • There were 15 attendants: me, tis, bol, kus, vig, bol, kus, mon, diy, ima, chi, bir, rub, dyd, and haf. Hoho, that was the largest amount compared with any previous gatherings *happy*
  • The atmostfear ticket was reeally expensive at holiday (u must shopped at least IDR 200K first)
  • We went to old town using busway. *really fun*
  • All museums at that area (fatahillah, bahari, wayang, mandiri, BI, etc.) were closed. And FYI, the museums were used to not open every Monday. So, please come another day.
  • There’re no fast food resto. We just could find café Batavia, with was a really expensive café. Then, we got a Padang Restaurant called Minang Batavia (if I’m not mistaken) which located quite far from Fatahillah Museum. Beware of drink water from that resto, it tasted brackish. Huhu.
  • We just took photos from around the museum. T___T. and we saw some pre-wed photo shoot. And of course, we took the pre-grad photos for ourselves. Hahaha..
  • From the old town, we went to plaza senayan, because we knew that we couldn’t afford the plaza fx’s food price. Hiks.
  • Kus’ shoes gone in PS’ musholla. Yeah, he didn’t put his shoes at the deposit counter. And one of the PS’ employee then said that PS’ musholla wasn’t really secure. There’re many visitor had lose their shoes too.
  • • We planned to do a buka bersama on ramadhan. Previously, the candidates were only awl and ech. Both of them seemed defenseless. But suddenly, ech suggested mon to become a host. and then they three wanted to do gambreng to take final decision. But no one knew why, mon just refused to do gambreng *aneh banget* . So, we (and mon) agree that he will host the buber 2b next month.. hoho..
Udah ah, capek nulisnya, dan lagi males cerita juga. :D
And now, I already missed them.. see some of you at GR and Graduation ceremony at 28/29 Aug.

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SyCl Gathering


The big family from my father held a gathering this year, it's on our independence day, 17th of August. The purpose of the gathering was no different than to reunite the families. Our last gathering was on January, when there's a wedding reception of my cousin. After that, simply no gathering involving all family members.

The choosing of 17th August as the d-day because it's fell on the long weekend, so the probability of families from other cities to come was bigger than other dates. We'd planned the gathering since about 1 month ago. And from that time, the tuan rumah was intensively promoting the occasion via sms-blasts, mailing list, phone-call, etc. May be if they're on facebook, there would be an event invitation.. Huehehehe..

And here's the result:

Alhamdulillah, berjalan lancar.. And it was ABSOLUTELY XTRAORDINARY FUN!!!
Anggota keluarga Sy yang datang BANYAK!!! *grin*
The lucky pots were GOLDEN pots.. :D:D:D

Humas nya sepertinya sangat sukses untuk mempromosikan acara ini, heheheehe..

Pertama-tama, saya absen dulu ya..
Dari Polim:
>>>Ada Pade, Bude Sri, Mas Eri, Mas Riko-Mba RIri-Arkhan, dan Mas Ogi. Yang ga ada itu Keluarga Mba Ira-Kumar-Armand di Chicago, serta Reyhan.. hehehe..
Dari Cinere:
>>>Ada Pa Dokter, Ibu Apoteker, Ibu Halimah, serta Mba Tanti yang membawa serta kedua rekannya.
Dari Rawabelong:
>>>Bd Narti, MbaTari, Surya, dan Fajar yang makin menjulang. minus MasDoni
Dari Bandung:
>>>Bude Raf, MasRizal-MbaNovi-Rani-Dila, MasRedi-MbaLia-Maisya-Keisha (entah gimana nulisnya).Pade Hadi dateng juga. Nah, Te Uce dan Viki ga bisa dateng ada acara lain.
Dari Setrasari n Makasar
>>>Om Dj dan Te SH, MbQara-Tio,MbAnni-MasDani-Alina. minus Mas Yuda
Dari Wichan
>>>Babe dan BudKom, Mba3a dan MasAis, beserta rombongan. MasK, MbaD, dan BabyK berhalangan karena babyK lagi meler terus katanya (get well soon ya!!, kami doakan ^^). Terus MsBimbim dan MbAnggi yg lagi di Athens', US.
Dari Pd. Labu
>>>Te Nunik, saya, dan adek.
Terus ada juga BdYeti-MaSoni-MasTeduh-MbDini dari LbkBulus, serta BdAnna dari Rawamangun..

intinya, it was a LOTTA FUN. hehe.. dan tampaknya rumah tersebut menjadi 'TK+Pasar Puri Cinere', saking ramainya orang, mulai dari orang dewasa sampe anak2.. hehe..

Terus makanannya juga sangat oke sekali..
Hanya ada dua jenis makanan: makanan enak bangettt, dan sangat amat enakkkkk.. hohoho..
Ada gurame bakar, pepes ikan, ayam bakarnya Mba Tari yang mantab suratab, Shabu-shabu lezzaa ala Bango (bukan Shabu2 ala SM. SM stand for Sheila Marcia, not Savitri M.. hehe). Terus ada Siomay maknyus yang didatangkan dari Cibinong?, Ayam woku-woku enak tenan yang KATANYA buatan Mba Tria (pasti beli tuuu :p), plus sambel yang membuat lidah bergoyang. Brownies bandung yang délicieux juga tak lupa menemani. nyam nyammm. Trus ada kacang rebus, stick keju renyah, triangle cracker (padahal ga tau namanya apa :p), pastel makcik, terus ada another pastel (kan?), kue lapis, dan sebagainya. Untuk minuman, kita ditemani oleh softdrink, tehkotak, es teh lemon a la ms. Halimah, dan tentunya aqua. hoho..

Selain makanan, tentunya acara juga diwarnai dengan canda tawa (mis: joke taltiltol pake bahasa sunda, yang sampe saat ini sayapun masih ga ngerti, dan mencurigai bahwa joke tersebut punya tingkat absurditas yang tinggi, hihihi), lalu ada tukar menukar berita maupun "berita" dari member SyCl.

Satu kata: SERUUUU!!!

~tadinya mo taro foto juga. tapi si narasumber tak kunjung menguploadnya di internet.. -_-"


Orchid Park Mall


This person, aka MH.Aini, my classmate in smundel for 2 and 2/3 years asked me to have a gathering at Orchid Park Mall last Thursday. Frankly, I was soooo super-duper-lazy to join the invitation. Because, u know, OPM is in West Jakarta!! For me, who lived in the southern of South Jakarta, going there was like going to the edge of the world!

I didn't know why, but I finally decided to join the gathering. Huff, it's a really tough decision, haha.. We made an appointment that we would meet at tebet station @ 12.30. Well, it's not that trouble-free for me to get a bus. It was needed quite a long time for me until I got one. Not only that, the bus that I took ran soooo slow. If Usain Bolt -current fastest man on earth- ran besides my bus, he would win effortlessly. Haha..

After about one and a half hours, the bus finally entered Tebet area. Well, it's quite a long time for me since the last time I went there. Actually, I'd never really know about Tebet area. Teehee.. At least I know the location of my destination: Tebet station, huehehe..

But, ou oh (noo.. It's not matta band's song).. Ou oh, my bus didn't stop at the station. It ran toward the flyover while the station was below it. Ugh. I just paused. It's unlikely for me to stop the bus on the flyover and then walk from it. Huhu. Soo, I decided to go until kampung melayu. Okay, at first, it seemed the distance between kampung melayu n tebet stasiun wasn't really far. I tried to get there by walking. Unfortunately for me, the weather was SIZZLING HOT!!! Ughh.. And then, I walked throught the bridge which had the ciliwung river below it, and of course it's smelled not good. Premium packet: hot + bad smell.. Huahahaha..

After took about half of the pathway, I then realized that the distance wasn't that short.. Huhuhu. But why I didn't stop any angkot or bajaj? Because I thought, "okay, I must consistent with myself with walking by my both leg'. Yeah, it’s a consistent stupidity. Soo, I walk and walk and walk below the roasting sun. and finally, I arrived at the station. But, but, but… u know what? Aini phoned me and said that they had left me, because the mas2 tukang parkir envied 'em. And then they went to the BTA8.. Aaargh.. Aini then gave me two options: going to BTA or waiting on depot soto gebrak. Well, I didn't know both locations. But I know that depot soto gebrak located in the same street with my current position that time.

Okay, than I walked to the depot soto gebrak.. Yay, and that place wasn't near either. So, in front of smabels, I stopped an angkot to deliver me to soto gebrak. When I got there, there's no one. I wondered whether the place I arrived on was the exact soto gebrak meant by them or not. Then aini phoned me again, he asked me whether I'd did dzuhur pray or not. NOO -___-“. So, he asked me to pray first. That time, they were on BTA, waiting for other friends who hadn't arrived yet.. *siiiing*. U know that I had been hurried since I stepped down from the bus??? I thought all people were ready!

I searched for any mushollas or masjid near depot soto gebrak. I asked every people I met there *lebay*. Based on their infos, I then entered an aisle near lemans garage. About 200 meters from Main Street, there's a musholla. And I prayed dzuhur in that place.. Fiuuuh, finally there's a roof to protect me from the fierced sun :P. not long after, they called me, and I ought be waiting on the main street again.

I felt relieved when I finally saw the car. A gray avanza came and getting closer to my position with a slow velocity. It must be them! 'beep,beep', the driver push the horn button. When I got in, I saw Eros, Aini, Mety, Adi Ismet, and Tuko. 4 of them, except tuko, were teacher at BTA8 (baru tau gw)

Then we went to orchid park mall aka mall taman anggrek. We arrived there on about 1430. Because most of us hadn't had lunch yet, so we looked for some foods first. And then we went to the food court, which called taman anggrek cafetaria if I'm not mistaken. The food court only provided indonesian food, like soto betawi, ayam kalasan, gado-gado, etc. By those kinds of food, I thought the taste would be friendly for Indonesian. Buuut, the price actually didn't that friendly. Hiks.. I bought Kalasan Chicken w/ price 16.5K. The taste wasn't special, and if I bought it somewhere the price wouldn't be above 15K. :(.. At the same time, 4 of us chose to eat at KFC, and they got more foods of course *but probably less healthier*

The main purpose we went to OPM was to play ice-skate. This was Aini's idea. Actually, I really hated the idea. You know, even at the plain, smooth, and dry ground, with both sole foots, and no external nuisance, I could fall awkwardly. -___-" but, it's so coward for me if I didn't try that. Me, in OPM, through that sizzling hot day, and not even try the iceskating? No way!! The iceskating facility had been existed since years ago, but I'd never tried it before.

The place for iceskating named IceRink. The price is 34K for one person. On Saturday, Sunday, and holiday, the limit for one person to ski is 2 hours. But, on the weekdays, the visitors can enjoy skiing as long as they can. For students from some universities, they can get a 50% discount. On the weekdays, after 5 p.m, there's also a 40% discount for all visitors. But, u can't accumulate the discount from different promotions.

The price includes the ice skate shoes rent cost, so u don't need to give additional payment to use the shoes. But, if u want to use socks, gloves, rent a coin lockers, u must pay more. Socks and gloves could be bought at 7000K each. One coin locker could be rented at 5000K.

My tips: tied your shoes tightly, huehe.. Huwah, my prediction was right. I couldn't balance myself above the ice. I, do a curut walking, at the rink. It even couldn't be told as walking, because I just dragged myself. Huhu.. My hands, hips, wrist, and so on became weary.. Yeah, but overall it was fun. Although it'd take some times for me to try it again in another occasion.. Hehe..

After that, we ate some snacks at Little Penang resto. Actually, not everyone willing to go there, just 3 of us. So, we just ordered 3 kinds of food, and 1 drink. We ordered roti canai tuna, roti canai rendang, and roti canai w/ kari ayam (my chosen one). And our favorites (and recommended by chef) was roti canai w/ kari ayam!! Haha.. Roti canai rendang n roti canai tuna were too sweet.. Yes, it's predictably, because melayu's cuisines were always sweet. Each roti canai cost about 12 -19 K.

Well, I can say that we were eating sadistically, untidy, and we just screwed up the plates on the table. 6 peoples rushed out 3 plates with sole hands, without knife, chopstick, or spoon. Even the waitress then gave us some additional plates n forks, lookin how silly we were. Many of the waitress even couldn't hide their 'laughing smile' to us, lookin how miserably the behavior of these 6. huehehe.. Bodo ah, we don't know 'em and they don't know us.. Hahahhaa..

Then we went to Holland Bakery, because my mom just asked me to buy some breads for sahur. And then, we got off our feet from OPM (finally…). Huehe.. I thought we'd want to go directly to Tebet station. But, Eros just drove the car to the Obonk at Tebet. Owalaah, some of us were want to drink coffee first. Yeah, it's the fourth restaurants in one day for me.

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Festival Keju Kraft Moo (Kraft Moo's Cheese Festival)


If in the week before there's a Festival Jajanan Tradisional Bango, last week Kraft also made a quite similar event by making a Festival Keju Kraft Moo. Keju Kraft Moo is one of Kraft's cheese product which targeted children as its segment. So, it's not surprising if we see a funny cow as its mascot.

Honestly, I didn't really eager to come to this occasion. At first, I knew this occasion from csui04 mailing list, Mala posted a pps file containing the list of merchants who joined that event. But then, I had a chitchat with jibay (not jijay bajay of course :p ) and she invited (or asked?) me to came to the event. The company which she had an internship in was, umm, I don't really know what its relation with Kraft. But she had been given free discount vouchers from the company, and told me that I could have some of that.. Hhuhehehe.. But still, I wasn't that interest to come.

But what a coincidence! That day's afternoon, my mom ought to come to a wedding reception at a masjid in front of Athlete Century Park Hotel (I forget what the masjid's name). And it's soo close with the location of FKKM. And yes, my mom was willing to go there. FKKM, here I come..

I phoned Mala, asking if she came there too. She had come earlier at 10 in the morning. Yes, yes, I could ask for some suggestions which ones she recommended to buy. Hoho. Because before came to FKKM, I had some foods at the wedding party, it quite impossible for me to eat again at the event. So, we just took away some foods to eat them at home. Ohya, I met Nilam03 and some of 2003's girls there.

These are what we bought there:

a. Kebab Turki Baba Rafi
Actually, this food was not that unique. We could see its outlets everywhere. But I hadn't taste it even a bit. So, I had initiative to buy it, hehe. There's only one menu: original Kebab priced 10K. And I loved it. I mean, the wrapper was crunchy but soft at the same time. the filling was great too, the mixture of cheese, sauce, meat, etc were in perfect composition and combination. Recommended!!

b. Sandwich Bakar (I forget the exact name)

We ordered a tuna sandwich. It tastes okay. Yeah, like every other tuna sandwich. Price: 15K

c. Singkong Keju Meletus

Originated in Jogja, and inspired by the explosion of Merapi mount. The singkong keju meletus is a kind of kripik singkong (cassava crispy chip), uses cheese as its ingredients. The taste and the crisp was in the right adjusment in my opinion. Price: 15K/sack.

d. Martabak Bolu Golden Bells

This food is recommended by Mala, so I could blame her if the taste was not good. I ordered a chococheese martabak. The price was 27.5K. The shape of martabak was quite similar with martabak bangka: well-rounded and then flipped into half-round. Lookin at the shape, I doubted the taste. The first try quite disappointed me. But then, it's not bad at all. The taste was great! It's not too sweet, which I preferred so much. Recommended!!

e. Sepang

Foods wouldn't be complete without beverage. On the promotion whiteboard, it written 'minuman berenergi, asli dari kalimantan'. The red colored cold drink succeed to attract me, even more at the hot day like that. So, I bought one with price 5K. When I tasted it, errr, it's reaaaally similar with the taste of Bir Pletok! No, it's the same drinks! No differences at all…. Huhu.. I became more disappointed because I didn't really like bir pletok.. Huhuhu. [I have written a post about bir pletok in this blog.]

Overall, the tastes of those foods were great!! Hohoho.. makin gembul deh gw.

pics courtesy of and

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RestoReview: Ita Suki & Han Gang


Yay.. now is the resto review, as I promised to write it several days ago.

Ita Suki

This Ita Suki restaurant is located on jl. Panglima Polim Raya, not far from Batik Danar Hadi and Blok M Plaza. My cousin asked me to come there, because my families from Lampung were in Jakarta, so we just wanted to treat them appropriately, haiyah.

From its name, I’m pretty sure your guess was right: yes, it’s a Japanese restaurant. The restaurant is a typical of Hanamasa if we want to see from the cooking2 thingy. I mean, there’s a stove on every desk, so we could fry or boil our raw food there. But, the restaurant didn’t endow with an all-you-can-eat method. So, you ought to choose the menu first, and then you cook it on the stove. The menu was various, so you have more freedom to choose what kind of food you want to consume.

Because I was late, so I didn’t really know what kind of menu that had been ordered by my cousin. When I arrived, there’s a plate of vegetables, another plate of mixed meatballs , and some plates of side dishes like fried cassava (iyee. Singkong goreng. My cousin always buys singkong goreng no matter the resto). the fried cassava was yummy, hehehehe. Okay, and then there’re two kinds of gravy for shabu2: tomyum and original chicken flavor. And I loved both.

The taste was nice and proper. I mean, there’s nothing too special, but not mediocre too.. The atmosphere of the place was cozy, but somehow it’s really t.y.p.i.c.a.l. and then, the price was unknown for me.. hey, I didn’t even look at the menu.. But, I thought it’s about 50K/person or less. PERHAPS.

Because I don’t really know the most menus there, so I still cannot give a fair judgment to the resto. AFAIK, it’s a nice resto and quite worth to try. :)

pic courtesy of

Han Gang

This restaurant is located on Wolter Monginsidi Street, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta. There’re another branches at Pacific Place and Grand Indonesia.

This restaurant is a Korean Restaurant, and just served Korean food of course. The menu was varied from Bulgogi, Bibimbap, even I could find GalbiTang there. Galbitang is like a soup of beef rib. When I went to Korea, the tour guide said that I wouldn’t find Galbitang in Indonesia. Hey, I found it on Han Gang *grin*. There’s Samgyetang too (famous ginseng chicken soup).

I don’t really know what kind of menus that we ordered. There’re several main course: bibimbap, a bibimbap w/tuna, then bulgogi, ribs menu (forgot its name), ox tongue, and then capcay. Yeah, actually it’s not capcay at all… but it’s what’s written on the menu. When we saw the actual one, umm, it’s not different than a soun goreng. Hahahahaha.. As usual, Korean restaurant serves appetizer dishes. Han Gang gave premium snack such as fish cake, snails & mussels, kimchi, and several else. We got watermelon as a free dessert.

The taste of those foods was great. I mean, it’s similar with the one that I had tasted in South Korea. But I didn’t really surprised, because the restaurant’s visitor when I came there were ALL KOREAN (except four of us and another two Indonesian visitpr). Not only the taste which was similar, but also the price!! Aaargh, for student like me, the price was really expensive. I preferred to go to Segarra if I could. Huehehe. Fortunately, there’s my mom’s bestfriend who treated us. Thanx sooo much.

Price about 75K-100s K per portion. The price of beverage wasn’t really expensive on the other side.

Conclusion: if u wanna taste the real Korean food, this is a purrrfect place. Hehe.. but yes, it’s an expensive one.

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Food Review: Eng's dan Desa Bumbu


I saw alida's post, that she'd been not really often doing a culinary tour (wisata kuliner maksudnya :p).. Actually, I don't really want (or I really don't want) to write in English. Because it's so time consuming. But I know that I should get myself used to it if I want to work in MNC (not Multimedia Nusantara Citra) or continue my study in a foreign country. Huff, no pain no gain (except the one related with weight. If u get a pain (no eat), u will get less gain (the weight), hohohoho)


I went to this resto after had a hair cut at the barbershop. The bude seniman recommended it, so we thought we might be should give it a try. The resto located in KH Ahmad Dahlan street, Kebayoran Baru (or the one near with it :p), and not so far away from Soto Kudus, Tomodachi, Dapur Coklat, et al.

The resto provides sundanese foods, like nasi timbel and nasi bakar. Actually, the food was just okay. Even we felt that the roast chicken was too mellifluous. The place was cozy, colorful, and palsy-walsy :). It's a nice place to have a light chit-chat or informal meeting. Moreover, it's not so crowded there. How about the price? Hmm, it's on a reasonable range within 15k to 30k per portion of food, and the beverages weren't pricey too.

When i wanted to go home, I saw the wall-of-fame. Umm, it's a whiteboard where famous people visiting the place could give their signature there. No, no, I didn't put a signature there, hohoho. crazy aja! :p. I just became curious that the place was being owned by actor Eeng S. Hmm, could be, could be.

Nice place to have a break with a reasonably price, but not a good choice if you want to satisfy yourself with the foods.

Desa Bumbu

I went to this place last Sunday, with Bude Pendiam, her husband, and his "circus troupe". hoho.. The place located on Desa Cinagara, Likearth (Sukabumi), East West Java. Yeah, it's not really in Sukabumi, just the half way to it.

*aaargh, I want to use Bahasa.......*

There're 19 people w/4 cars went there. We departed from Kuningan at 830 and arrived before 1030.. The resto has a slogan 'nature resort', or something like that. pokoknya there's a 'resort' word in it lah.

Okay, starting from here, I will mix between bahasa and english to make it more fast and effecient-effective. because there're other things to do rather than just filling this blog. hueheheehe.. (coursing --> ngeles :p)

We were that day's first guests. There're still no other guests there. May be because we came too early (10.30!), and of course it's not a breakfast time and lunch time still quite long. When we arrived, we saw two buffalos being drove by their tamer. ahahaha, kewl.. (dasar anak kota, liat kebo aja seneng :p)

There're 2 saung (what's 'saung' in english? gazebo?) reserved by us, located in a pondside (di sisi empang :p). It is a fishing pond, because actually, the main goal we went there was to fishing.. hoho. we, the men, fished goldfishes. the ladies berleyeh-leyeh and mengurusi si cucu, huehehe..

in about an hour, we tried fishing. but, whether there're too little amount of fishes in the pond, or we were too amateur, the amount of fishes being caught was reaaaally small. it's soo boring and we became unexcited. then, we asked the waiter to put more fishes to the pond. and then the waiter added about 50kgs additional fishes.. hohohohoho.. after that, our life became happier and easier. :D

udah ah, bahasa Indonesia aja mulai sekarang..

Jadi, berhubung kita di situ lama.. dari jam 10 lewat sampe jam 3an, makanan yang dipesen pun jadinya cukup banyak. mulai dari combro, tahu goreng, es kelapa muda, es dawet.. trus pesen makan gurame bakar, gurame lemon, ayam bakar, cah kangkung, ikan asin, terong bakar balado, terus gurame goreng, tahu/tempe, dan kawan-kawan. (heh, banyak banget ya? pantesan gw juga sangat kenyang (lol) ).

rasa makanannya lumayanlah, walau ga oke2 amat. sepantaran sama dapur sunda gw rasa. eh, lebih enak dapur sunda lah yaa.. cuma ada satu pengalaman buruk. khan kita minta beberapa ikan yang berhasil dipancing untuk dimasak. nah, kita mintanya itu untuk dibakar, dan ga dikasih bumbu yang aneh2, cukup kasih garam dan bumbu lain seperlunya. Eh, dan itu bener2 diterjemahkan as it is: PAKE GARAM. jadi, tu ikan abis dibakar, dikasih garam banyak2 dan asinnya bukan main. bahkan garamnya ditaburin di atas ikan (kayak ngasih gula bubuk ke atas donat).. ugh..

Actually, sebenernya restoran itu ngejual 'tempat', karena restorannya emang berada di tengah-tengah sawah. Emang sih, sawah kecil gitu. yah, tapi boleh lah.. selain itu, ada beberapa danau kecil untuk tempat mancing. dan kami berhasil memancing 19.5 kilogram ikan.. hhohoho. balik2, ngebawa 3 kantong gede ikan mas hidup. :D

Selain itu, restoran tersebut juga menyediakan wisata alam buat anak2. Jadi, anak2 bisa mainan flying fox, climbing, terus metik sayuran, nanem padi, membajak sawah (actually, berupa naik bajak dengan dua kebo yg telah disebutkan sebelumnya), dsb. Tapi emang harus bayar lagi sih, sekitar 35rb/anak. Selain itu, bisa juga kita ke air terjun, cm emang rada jauh sih. Dan ada juga beberapa kegiatan sejenis. Katanya ada jg buat handicraft dan belajar angklung, but i didn't see that.

Untung saat itu cuaca ga gitu panas, jadi emang oke banget buat bersantai-santai. Tentang harga, gw ga begitu tau. Tapi sepertinya quite reasonable. Satu orang di bawah 50K.

dan ternyata, satu setengah jam dengerin nguing2 itu bikin pusing dan senewen -___-"

next: Han Gang and Ita Suki

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lebih dari sebulan


Blog ini tidak saya isi hal-hal baru, hehehe..

So grateful that I have AWESOME families, WONDERFUL friends, and hopefully a FABULOUS job (walau masih nyari-nyari ni -__-").. Alhamdulillah..

And that's it for today.

~sungguh terkesan seperti postingan yang engga niat :p

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