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Humm, before I start to work on my TA, again, wanna write some reviews based on yesterday experience. hehe. In this post, there'll be only reviews, I will put my personal story on the different post. Okay, here they are..

Pancious Pancake House..

Finally, the plan for having breakfast at Pancious really came true.. Pancious Pancake House previously only open at Permata Hijau, but starting from 1 March 2008, it also open on Pacific Place 5th floor.

My cousin had asked me to try Pancious for weeks. But we hadn't a time that we could go together.. But finally, this week my cousin cancelled her plan to go to Bandung, and I also didn't have any important plan at Saturday. Soo, me and my bro went to wichan, then went to Pancious at Pacific Place (open from 10 am)

The resto provided, of course, pancakes menu. The pancakes (and waffles) not only just sweet pancakes which we often see (like in A&W with its ice cream waffles), but in Pancious you can taste savory/salty pancakes, like pancakes with sausage, or even with cheese.

We ordered several foods: full breakfast (because we're so hungry that morning), then tiramisu pancakes, and smoked beef fettuccine (if I'm not wrong :p). Honestly, I still have a lil bit regret because I didn't order savory fettucine at all :(.

The taste of tiramisu pancake was good.. I love the pancakes, because it has smooth texture, and it's so tender. Yeah, I like a not crispy type of pancake. Soo, if u like a crispy one, may be u won't really into it.

The 'full breakfast' menu contain of scrambled eggs (which tasted like another scrambled eggs :p), sausage (which is not tender >.< ), a slice of smoked beef, and a couple of original pancakes (with maple syrup).. the portion was quite big, so u won't need any additional food if u just want to fill ur belly :p. The fettucine is okay. The taste was adequate, not too salty which I'd found on many smoked beef fettucines on other restos. I recommend the pancakes. Too bad I didn't try the savory one. If u go there and not really hungry, don't order the full breakfast, hehe.. Some drinks like ice tea could be refilled, and the price of the drink is quite reasonable (almost similar w/ Bloc Fisip). The glass size also huge, soo I think that'll be okay if u buy a not the cheapest one ^^.

There's a promo, if u go there 3 times in 2 months, you can get a VIP card (10% discount for each transaction). Oya, i just wanna tell that the breakfast menu is available everyday at Pacific Place, but in Permata Hijau is on holiday only.

The place is cozy, with lounge music that made me feel good.

Kroket dan Risoles Karawaci

We bought it at Mal Ambassador, top floor. There're many flavors of kroket and risoles that you can choose, such as chicken flavor, cheese, chicken and cheese, fish, smoked beef and cheese, and so on.. My favorite of course smoked beef and cheese. haha..

The taste was deliciouse, but not as appetizing as the one that I'd taste in Pastello.. But overall, u won't get disappointed by trying it.. :)

27 Dresses

Starring: Katherine Heigl, James Marsden.

I watched this movie, because we just didn't wanna watch horror movie (hantu ambulans, 40 hari bangkitnya pocong), or ayat-ayat cinta (which is currently filled most studios in movie theater in Indonesia).

And because my cousin wanted to watch this, I just followed her (namanya jg dibayarin :p). The story was about a quite old girl (woman) who had 27 times became a bridesmaid. And she kept the dresses that she wore in a closet. Her biggest dream was being married, but she found it really difficult to make it come true.

Umm, I think the story was okay. The genre was romantic comedy, soo from the genre I think you can predict the flow, hehe.. I think it's a lil bit similar with Wedding Planner, which has the story of a girl that has occupation of wedding planner, but the wedding never came to herself.

For you who just wanna watch movie for having fun, I think this film it's quite good. But if u want a stellar story and performance, better u watch another movie..

Oya, I just tried to watch 'no country for old men'... But I haven't been in a perfect mood to watch that kind of movie: serious, gloomy, need thinking, a lil bit brutal, and bloody.. hehe.. I don't even try to watch the 'there will be blood' movie.. After read the synopsis, I thought the story was interesting. Soo,, umm.. may be later.. hehe.. Juno movie (about problems facing by a girl after havin accident with his soon-to-be-boyfriend).. umm, it's simple but the advantage is it's simplicity.

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