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if u can't call me, text me.

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just wonderin'.. that sometimes people tried to called me when I'm in the situation that made me couldn't receive it. Like when I was in the class, it's highly unlikely that I would pick up the phone.. I don't have any talent for secretly pickin up the phone in the class. And I am not yet become a person that can easily stand up from the chair, walk through the door, go outside the class and then pick up the phone. Beside that, I have a bunch amount of clumsy moment when I did things that I didn't really like. I can imagine, if I take the phone outside, I will have a neville-longbottom-moment (i.e. get my leg stumbled by a chair). Haha..

hmm, but that's depend on what kind of call. If it was an urgent call, I had no choice to pick it up. But I just wonderin', that if use use a cellphone to call (or any phone who can do text), why if u can't call someone and u have tried several times, just text him/her.. i know that kind of communication was not really a synchronous.. but at least with text message, u can deliver the purpose of the calling, except if it's a really important one that the info will be useless in the next two hours.

but, if the info is still relevant for next few hours, I think u just can text it. okay, may be u just wanna call it becoz u don't won't to make it difficult for the recipient. but, i just get annoyed if in one time I missed the call and got no sms accompanied it. when it tried to call him/her back, she/he was on the proper condition to pick up the phone. soo, I didn't get the purpose of the call, n he/she couldn't reach her aim also. trus biasanya suka ganti2an miskol. tapi saat yg satu bisa, yg lain ga bisa dan begitu seterusnya..

soo, why bother to send text?


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