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Yes, that's my body condition nowadays. When I put my jeans or trousers, it feels so tight even sometimes I felt like I had a stomachache. haha.. silly, innit? Aargh.. I even sometimes didn't go lunch for efficiency. but but but, how come that my body gotten this large?

hoo, now I know.. sometimes, I just had some combos of eatavaganza, like the one I wrote that one day I came from one resto to another (fish n co, mangkok putih, and J.Co).

Last Sunday, I had nearly-similar-experience. On that Feb 17th, my senior, Narpati, was getting married with Mba Lis. The ceremony was held on Wisma Yaso, in the area of Satria Mandala Museum, Gatot Subroto. My mom accompanied me, and she's a friend of Narpati's mom too. Soo, it's great that I didn't need to come there by myself.

Met many seniors there. I just met smile from 2004 batch. Really bad that I must left the place really early. Because on the same day, the aunt model celebrated her bday on a resto. Soo, after I took some photos and ate siomay, only, I got my feet from there and drove to arteri pondok indah.

The Resto is Crapoe. It's a AYCE (all you can eat) one. The price is 66K per person. The serving of food is a la carte. You can choose from 109 option of menu. The menu was vary from dim sum to mayo shrimp to crab. But, mostly were chinese foods.

Overall, the foods were delicious but easily forgotten, hehe.. But for 66K I thing it's great, hehe.. Hoiya, my cousin annaoj came there too, wit his new-born baby named leiruz. hoo, after delivered the baby, she's still pretty though.

soo full that day.. after arrived at my home, found pastellos.. my another aunt delivered it when we're not on the home... aah, food day.. hahaha..

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  1. Blogger fahrurrozi-rahman 

    indah singset langsing, melar di meritin


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