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Amazing Race Asia Season 2 - Final Episode

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Beware!! Contain Spoiler!!

And, the season 2 of The Amazing Race Asia has met its end. And the winner is.............. Haha.. No, no.. not so fast.. hehe.. And there were three team left: Pinoy's Marc&Rovilson, Adrian&Collin from Singapore, and Pamela&Vanessa from Malaysia.. From Indonesia? you must have known that they were eliminated looong time ago.. *sigh*

Yes, I had predicted that two of those three groups would make it into the top three: Marc and Rovilson, Adrian and Collin. Yeps, because those two groups were the most stable groups there, they're constantly finished at first and second spot. And for PamVan, I root for them since third episode, hehe.. I don't know, I just like seeing Van there.. hehehe...

The final episode began in South Africa, then the journey continued to Singapore. The final task was the contestants must arrange the flags provided. They must sorted it in order the countries they had visited in the race, from the first to the last country. The first team came to do the task is Marc and Rovilson, then PamVan, and AdrianCollin. Okay, because the task was a roadblock, just one member from each team who can do the task. Rovilson seemed facing great difficulty to choose the right flag. Pam also did, but she's better. But, Collin just did it effortlessly.. zap zap zap, and done..

Sooo, it's clear who's the winner... Adrian and Collin (prok prok prok), PamVan came second, and the most favorite just came third.. hehe... Salute to Adrian and Collin, especially Collin who couldn't hear properly (he's nearly deaf FYI). Poor Marc and Rovilson, they had won almost all race, but met a very challenging final task. hehe.. Congrats for y'all.. Can't wait to see the third season. Hope Indonesia will win..

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3 Responses to “Amazing Race Asia Season 2 - Final Episode”

  1. Blogger eaststar 

    Actually Adrian is the deaf one who did the final roadblock with flags, not Collin.

  2. Blogger rabindra 

    okay.. thanx 4 the correction... ^^

  3. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Deaf?! Adrian and Collin both have Down's Syndrome!

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