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Lebaran 2007

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Finally my asstRT goin' back to her kampong. She didn't mudik last year.. Hence, this year I became my own asstRT, hehe.. doin things from mopping, washing dishes, etc. And I became a driver too.. hoho..

But Alhamdulillah, there's mba Sri came and saved those days.. hehe.. She has worked at my mom's warung makan. Soo, we could still eat opor n ktupat at lebarans day in our home :).

People in my house celebrate the idulFitri on 13 October 2007, and some of my family members and relation celebrate on 12 October. And it's okay :). There's buka bareng at my pakde's house at panglima polim at Thursday 11 oct, smile and sawie joined too.. I've posted the photo in

Friday nite, we went to bude apoteker's -who celebrated lebaran at 12- house at puri cinere for a while.. She invited us to have some meal there.. :)



Me, my mom, n my bro did sholat ied at masjid I-forgot-its-name, located at tanah kusir. And it's the first time of my life havin' sholat ied at the first shaf, hehe.. Though, I think our arrival was quite late..

After sholat ied, we immediately went to TPU Tanah Kusir. My eyangs from my mom, my dad, and my uncle were buried there.

From tanah kusir, we went to... ummm, my house. Me and my bro sungkeman to my mom. She gave some advise to us.. hehe.. ga usah ditulis lah ya.. After that, we had an 'appetizer' at our home before ngider ngider around jakarta..

First destination is bude seniman's house at lebak bulus. It's her nu home, moved from ex-her home at pd pinang. We met family from my mother there. Bude seniman had a fabulous skill at cooking :), really loved the food.. Then, we had a photo session. Although my bude's house is not so big, but I found it's soo amusing for takin photos.. hehe.. Here they are some photos that I really love..

mba dee and her daughters, bd dan pade dokter, bro aussie, bude seniman, my mom, n my bro.
picture taken by me.. :)

my nephew, the girls were really quiet, but the boy was absolutely hiperactive, even when he was ill.. hehe.. and lookin at them definitely makin me look so old. hiks.

bude seniman and her grandson/granddaughters. lookin this photo, I think bude seniman was really happy ^^.

released for the first time ever.. hohoh.. photos of our three.. hmm, don't know. I'm just madly in love with this pics. we use uniform-like attire. there's a nice background. it's in idul fitri. just a perfect moment :). really love my family..

hihi, tumben2nya gw dan ade mo pake baju samaan. biasanya engga krn ga mau disama2in satu sama lain. kl sekarang mah nganggepnya lucu aja kl pake baju sama.. hehe

Okay, from Lb. Bulus we went to Rawamangun, bude dokter's house. We had a lil rest there, me especially.. hehe.. Then we went to Widyachandra, house of my dad's older sis. But unfortunately, we came late there. So there are some family members which had had left the house, huhu.. So, what we did was.... eat... haha.. Of course beside forgivin each other.. Coz most of my fams had left, so we're not spend much time there..

On sunday, I was soo tired, so I stayed home.. Previously, we planned to visit my another aunt at rawabelong.. but she just want to leave her house for a while.. hehe.. I'll post it later..



Monday afternoon, we went to Bandung. Why afternoon? coz at sunday's nite, my brother's temperature is rising, soo we looked for his condition first. Sholat dzuhur at KM 57 rest area which has a nice masjid there.. Then we continued our journey to Bandung. Unfortunately, the car's condition was not so well. If the weather is hot, the car can't hold it and it will batuk-batuk.. huhu.. so, we must get a halt 3 or 4 times with about 5 minutes each before continuing the trip. hmm, I just wondered why she didn’t just borrowed one of my uncle/aunt car which seldomly used? hmmm... but it’s inappropriate to say ‘I-have-told-you’, even in form of gaze.

Okay, the traffic was ramai lancar, though at pasteur there's 3 km long traffic jam. but we exited at pasir koja. We used the rest of the day for take a respite.

Tuesday morning we went to TPU Cikutra, where my mbah kakung and mbah uti was buried. Then we went to tante-dosen's house at setra sari. The traffic was severe.. huhuhuhu.. I think I have never met the traffic jam like that in Bandung ever before.. We ate shabu-shabu-an there.. satrio, one of my nephew celebrated his birthday. maisya, my another nephew didn't wanna get left behind, and her duty was as algojo peniup lilin.. hahaha.. oia, Maisya was a skillful dancer too.. if u played some music, she would movin her waist (And i mean it, just her waist.. err, with her hips may be.. pokoknya kayak boneka yang cm pinggangnya doang yg goyang gt. lucu banget. semua yg liat pada amazed gt.. hehe..) and raise one of her hand up..

After that, actually my mom n bro wanna go to some FO, but the traffic was just hell crowded. soo, they cancelled their plan, and just stayed peace at home.. Tuesday nite, we went to boemboe desa. I had went there before.. And i just knew that the owner is the same with the owner of kampung sampireun and dodol garut.. hmm..

sayangnya, the lalapan was sold out. And i don't know why, the taste of the food was just soo soo.. Nothing special.. May be the chef was still mudik?



Wednesday morning, we went to Jakarta, to exchange the car. well, we worried if we used the car through road like in puncak, it would be too risky.. Then, we went to cilember.. yeah, some of u have known it and even may be has ever go there.. My family finally went there again after may be 4 years since the last time.

But just a few family members who can join us.. from 6 sibling, just two who can come: my mom and bude dokter. the others has another things to do.. hiks.. yo wis, yg penting udah ketemuan..
capek ah nulisnya.. intinya di sana pengen relaksasi ajah.. gw jg sama sekali ga buka2 tugas or laptop although I brought it.. hehe..

Bude apoteker finally join us, unfortunately bude atlet had a problem with her teeth.. oia, om A come w/ her daughter n wife, but they couldn't spend the nite w/ us. btw, his wife is a professor n guru besar at FMIPA UI. And she's soo humble. U know, she's still using KRL to go to Depok. I remembered on 'tulisan pengantar pada Ketika Cinta Bertasbih', yang memberi pengantar mengatakan "mana ada sih guru besar di Indonesia yang mau berdesak-desak naik kereta?"'. She's a counter example.. hehe.. Err, but I'm not sure about the 'berdesakan' thing, coz she just on an opposite way with the crowded one. yeah, at least she's a train user lah.. :p

So humble this person, she had ever reject the invitation to go to Dubai. One day, sultan in UEA had invited om A to play golf in Dubai, and the accomodation at 7 star hotel. But his wife just rejected it. She said, "ngapain, palingan cuma liat-liat dan belanja".. ckckckckck.. salut, salut..

this is my cousin's car.. looks really cool there.. wish we can use it to offroad again one day. hmm, if I has graduated from college, can I still do it? hopefully..

Oia, bude dokter sempet2nya beli perahu karet yg ukurannya kecil.. hehe.. dulu ada yg bisa dinaikin 3 orang, cm rusak dan susah utk dibetulin lg..

alhamdulillah banget masih bisa liburan dan menikmati liburan.. Yah, walau ga terlalu sih.. lagian banyak digentayangi tugas sih..

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2 Responses to “Lebaran 2007”

  1. Anonymous Sidicx 

    Wah...Arya ceritanya panjang banget. Enak ya bisa keliling-keliling. Gw lebaran dan liburan cuma di rumah aja....huhu...

  2. Blogger rabindra 

    Panjangan ceritanya Sidik kmana-mana lah.. hehe..

    Alhamdulillah.. walau kadang pengen juga di rumah. Kalo keliling2 jadi ga bisa istirahat, hehe..

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