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Hijriah Nu Year

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Selamat Tahun Baru Hijriah 1428 H


Last Friday night is the last nite in 1427 H. Err, I'm not really sure. Becoz the hijriah nu year not begin at midnite, rite? yah, pokoknya gt lah. We (my, mom, bro) did an itikaf with my mom's friends and their children. The itikaf was held on masjid al-istiqomah, telkom divre2 building at gatot subroto.

We departed from house at 8, and arrived at the masjid nearly at 10. The masjid was really cozy and comfy. The cooler machine made the temperature went too cold, brrr.. Unfortunately, I didn't bring any jacket. The good point was the carpet was soo thick and made me didn't really mind although I must sleep at the carpet..

The agenda were watchin harun yahya's movie, then ceramah and pre-muhasabah, sleep in about 1 hour, sholat tahajud, sholat tasbih + witir, dzikir, then muhasabah.

The sholat tasbih really took quite a long time. It has 4 raka'at, with salam after 2 raka'at. And after each move and before takbir intiqal, we must said 10 (or 15, depend) tasbih-tahmid-tahlil-takbir. It took quite a long time, depend on the imam. My least favorite part was on ruku's.

I was not really like the kind of muhasabah that day. I don't know. There are, you know, several kind of muhasabah. The muhasabah on that day filled with loud voice (if not called as yelling), and I didn't really get into what he said. Okay, I’m definitely not innocent, but I think I’m also not that evil. So of course, I didn't felt really guilty, because most the things he said is things that may be I haven't and won't do in my whole life. I think he should use a real and usual example of indulgence, not the extreme one. Moreover, he yelled so loud, and sometimes I even couldn't hear what he said.

becoz there's just one hour time of sleep, I’m really heavy-eyed when did all of 'em. Sometimes I almost fell asleep (or may be I have, but didn't feel, heheh)..

After subuh, we went home. We came by at blok m market first. biasa, jajan dulu plus breakfast, hehe.. We ate chicken porridge and noodle soto (apa sih bahasa inggrisnya soto mie?)..

oia, every blind morning (pagi buta maksudnya) at blok m, many seller sold wet cakes (kue basah) with economic price. Usually, people bought it to resell. So, if u want to buy cakes with cheap price, u may come at blok m very early.

Sampai rumah, I sleep and sleep. Then went to the campus. For what? Coz I had an appointment w/ ikhlas to go to foundation for poit. Okay then, at that lazy Saturday, I come there. The campus was very quiet and silent. I came to campus and met very few people. Just hamzie and wamir. Then the heavy rain was fallin', so the appointment was cancelled. ugh.. I didn't bring bem room's key. Lab didn't open. Trapped on sekre square, surrounded w/ rain. And of course, I forgot that day was red date (tanggal merah) aka national holiday. It explains why it was so desolate.

So, we (me and mirza) watched fate/stay night in musholla. I spent time for kinda useless and not clear day.

aargh, I’m boring go to the campus nearly everyday.. wanna feel a really holiday. amiin..

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2 Responses to “Hijriah Nu Year”

  1. Blogger indigo wine 

    oi, Ya.. gue ngomen ngga ada hubungannya ma postingan lo sih..

    tapi lo centil juga ya.. ngasi nickname beda2 mulu...



    what next? =P

  2. Blogger RabZ 

    mestinya tulis di shoutbox aja..
    *emang ada? :P*

    hehe. the one is my alter ego :p
    engga ding, yg 'rayz' itu ga sengaja kepake lg.

    next nick lachey :P

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