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Stupid Me..

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Today, I just realized that I lost the final LPJ for Administration and Secretary Bureau of CSUI Student Council 05/06 that I have made. I can find it nowhere.. Umm, for exactly, I forgot where I saved it.. T_T.. I think I saved it on D:/ directory on a lab's computer. Now I forget which one.. So, if I can't find it, I should make a new one..

Today, I realized that a file that Mea was given to me is gone.. Fortunately, she has the backup..

And finally, today, I forgot where I saved the test-case for my lovely RPL that I've been working all day long... It's neither in my xavier nor my flashdisc.. May be it' s in D:/ of a 1101's compie. Hopefully.. But still, I can do nothing now, because the document that I really really need is not on me. I should come to campus very very early tomorrow..

Aaargh.. Stupid me..

::sorry for my absolutely awful english..
:::namanya juga blajar.. ^_^

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  1. Anonymous nyiell 

    rpl rpl rpl
    pengen liburaaaaaaannnnnnn

  2. Anonymous rabz 




    gw ada SP... -_-

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